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This page is to showcase some of the installs that we have completed that are above and beyond the standard single stud bay or fireplace install. Please call us for a quote on your ideas for a custom install in your home!

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We really can put a TV almost anywhere. This was a custom TV mount in a dining room between 2 doorways. We used an articulating bracket so the TV could be moved to either side depending on where the customer was sitting.  All the components were relocated to a linen closet down the hall with an IR kit.


This install was a TV Mount with components relocated to the master bedroom closet and a 2 stage audio system. The TV and speakers were mounted on the wall in the bedroom. Speakers were also mounted in ceiling in the bathroom so the customer could listen to music in both the bedroom and bathroom (or only one if they chose to). We also installed a audio port in the wall above a shelf so they could hook up an ipod dock as well as a dial volume control next to their light/fan switches.

TV and speakers mounted on wall in bedroom

All components located in bedroom closet

Audio jacks were installed so they could hookup an ipod dock

Dial volume control installed to match existing light switches


“Floating Monitor” . This was a monitor installed on a arm bracket to create the appearance of a monitor that was floating in air


Full Motion brackets

For these installs we used a full motion bracket that pulls out from the wall and tilts down so they had a better viewing angle from wherever they were sitting.. With a full motion bracket, every seat is the best seat in the house.

Bathroom tv mounting

We also mount tvs in bathrooms! This one is mounted above a large garden tub. It is mounted with a full motion bracket so it can be viewed in any direction and looks very elegant with the marble tile backdrop.

Corner mount

Before After
For this installation we used a n infrared system to put all the components into a closet behind the TV. The final look showed just a tv floating in the corner and a clean look with no wires.

Fireplace Infrared

A common request for fireplace mounts is an infrared system installation as well. The tv is mounted above the fireplace,and all the components are located elsewhere. No wires, no boxes, no special remotes, all you see is a tv.

More Infrared

These are some more examples of infrared installations. Notice that all you see is the tv (or soundbar). The cables boxes and blu ray players are hidden inside the cabinet or in a different area. Since an infrared system doesn't need a direct line of sight for the remote, it isn't necessary to keep the equipment out in the open.

Kitchen / Office Installation

We don’t just mount tvs in living rooms and bedrooms. We mount them everywhere! Offices, kitchens, bathrooms,sunrooms, wherever you watch tv.


Although it seems like soundbars are slowly replacing surround sound systems, we still receive requests for speaker installations.

In this section, instead of focusing on the tv mounting, we like to showcase the extraordinary fireplaces of our customers. These fireplaces have amazing brickwork, stone, wood grain, detailed decorating, and other qualities that make them stand out above the rest.

This page is updated monthly, so be sure to check back for more out of the ordinary installs!

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